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Kicking & Screaming

And they say it could never be done. Well, “they” is me. Dragging myself into the world of blogging after repeatedly being asked what I have been doing with my life. Hi mom!
What you will not find here is a run down of how my day progresses. Why would you care anyway? What you will find is a glimpse inside the brain of a commercial photographer based in Oshawa, Ontario.
There are many people who recognize me from around town, usually found photographing at Oshawa Generals games. Yes, the clown hanging over the edge on the catwalk. That’s me!
Being a photographer is a blessing. I meet an incredible array of people from CEO’s to small business owners, from NHL superstars to TimBit hockey players, kids with a desire to simply keep from falling on their butts. My days are never dull, with each assignment comes new obstacles and new experiences and sometimes I just have to share them with anybody who will listen.
I get many comments from old clients, new clients, friends, family all wondering the same thing…”I saw your portfolio on your web site but what else do you do?” I would love it if each assignment brought a new addition to my portfolio but that is not usually the case. But I am trying!
What you will see here is some of the assignments that may not be the most glamorous, but they are the most important assignments in the world to me. That being the creation of images for my clients.
And for any aspiring photographers out there who may stumble upon this blog you will also find details about some assignments, a behind the scenes look at what goes into making images and maybe some much needed insight on good business practices. Now that is a full fledged rant waiting to be released. Be warned!
Have fun poking around here. It’s not rocket science, it’s not drama, it’s only a blog.


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