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Great Blue Heron Charity Casino

I tend to keep a rather bizarre schedule, it is a nature of being a commercial photographer. I recently had a very full day of shooting for a commercial client, hauling around 100 lbs of equipment for hours. Instead of heading home and relaxing I had to download and backup my images from the day after an initial edit, have a quick meal and then go back to work, very late work. Casinos are open 24/7, and photo shoots are generally scheduled during off hours. In this case my arrival was scheduled at 10:30 pm and would finish hopefully before sunrise. My assignment was to create images of the dinner and breakfast buffet, images of the staff and some plated food. With the help of Molly and her staff (and lots of their fabulous coffee) I managed to stay awake and create some beautiful images. As I drove home the night sky was starting to change from black to that wonderfully saturated blue only seen before sunrise. My day was finally finished and I looked forward to a couple of hours of sleep before my alarm clock signaled the start of another bizarre schedule.

And I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Molly and her staff

Salad Buffet

Desert Buffet

Breakfast Plate


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