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The Bucket List

The Town of Whitby Public Works Department recently allowed me to hang out over the town, photographing various areas from a different vantage point, in a bucket lift. With a list of locations to shoot I had my own “bucket list”.
Some night shots, some daytime…

A special thank you to Steve for operating the lift and keeping me safe.
The Town of Whitby was not my only bucket assignment this day. Team Canada Black Belt Institute staff and student group photo was next. Every two years we get together and with the help of George, my lift operator, we get a huge group of over 160 people arranged for the class photo. Unfortunately with the location of the school and the required time of the shoot, the group ends up staring right into the sun. I am so grateful that we have not been rained out but an overcast day would be greatly appreciated! It’s times like this in which you have to work very quickly.
This year Team Canada Black Belt Institute celebrated their 10th anniversary. Congratulations to Ed, Daniel and the staff!


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